QuickThread Programming, LLC


Consulting services for program optimization, parallel programming, and HPC applications.




Languages: C, C++, C# and Fortran

Platforms: Linux and Windows (SMP and Cluster)

Threading Technologies: OpenMP, MPI, TBB, pthreads, Windows Threads (other)


Principal Consultant: Jim Dempsey (jim@quickthreadprogramming.com)

Educational Background: Physics

Programming Background: since 1968

Intel Black Belt Programmer


Our approach to optimization is a holistic process in addition to hot-spot by hot-spot. An example of this was presented in:


High Performance Parallelism Pearls, Chapter 5, Plesiochronous Phasing Barriers, by Jim Dempsey.  

See animation, mid-webpage on http://www.lotsofcores.com/

And summary at TechEnablement.

Book available on Amazon and elsewhere.


We also have experience with embedded systems


Languages: C, C++, Assembler

Processors: Microchip, Atmel, Freescale, ARM

(8-bit, 8/16-bit, 32-bit)